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How does the service work?

The first step is a complimentary initial consultation between you and the home chef. You will be asked to complete an extensive food questionnaire outlining your likes, dislikes and special dietary needs. The home chef then creates your personal menu (providing 9-10 meals for two people for two weeks) utilizing this information. After you approve your personal menu plan, a cooking day is scheduled. On this day, the home chef shops for all your groceries and arrives at your home with all the necessary equipment to cook and package your dinners. All you have to do is come home, select your entree and relax.

Do you need a Personal Chef service?

What’s your time worth? Wouldn’t you rather be doing something with your family or working out instead of going to the grocery store and planning meals?

Here are just a few of the benefits of a personal chef service such as the home chef can offer you and your family.

PERSONALIZED MENUS - hundreds of entree selections available. From comfort food to gourmet feasts, you name it. Special diets? No problem.

GROCERY SHOPPING - just think. No more running from the seafood market to the produce stand to the grocery store. Let the home chef do it! The home chef selects the freshest produce, the finest quality of meats and the freshest fish available (always buying from Lowcountry farmers and shrimpers).

MEAL PREPARATION - on your cooking day, the home chef starts her day with visits to the grocery store, fish market and produce stand arriving at your home with all the necessary equipment to cook and package your dinners. Your kitchen is left clean and your home smelling delicious.

YOUR JOB - select your entree, read the heating instructions and eat a homemade meal in 15 minutes. Well, then again, you might have to pour the wine and set the table.

Our Fees

Now you know how a personal chef service works and the benefits you and your family can derive from it, let’s take an honest look at what you spend on meals (time and money) without the home chef. Let’s face it. Going by the grocery store every day costs more money. Because you never go in and buy that one item you need, right? And fast food? Well, let’s not go there. A virtual money pit and definitely not healthy.

The home chef "standard" two-week service (18-20 dinners for two people) including grocery shopping, cooking and packaging is $300 with some side dishes. Each additional person is extra. Please keep in mind, fees can vary depending on the number of people and your special tastes.

Monthly plans, plans for singles and specialty plans are also available. Wouldn’t someone you know benefit from a personal chef service? And how about gifts for new moms, newlyweds or clients purchasing a new home? Think of all the possibilities and then click on the contact page.

Visiting Fripp or Dataw? Contact the home chef and she’ll plan your menus, stock your refrigerator/freezer and all you have to do is unpack. No more stopping at the grocery store on your way down or schlepping all that stuff with you.

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